rolling8time's Journal

Well...I guess I should introduce myself.

...Ok. I don't know where to begin, I'll just list 5 things about myself and if you feel you must know more because of my fabulous (and non-existent) personality...well, too bad. I'm too lazy to write anything more.

(1) I'm a technolgy newb which is a fact that becoming more and more evident in life (and a persistently irritating setback). I'm probably the only person from my generation (and I think that's Y but now according to my friend we're now being renamed as the iGeneration) that has had the same mobile phone for 4 years and still doesn't know any of the functions above the basic ones. Ok...it's sad, I know. I'm a sad person. Can't help it, it's part of my nature.

(2) I'm a fantastic (and impulsive) liar about the most ridiculous things that don't even matter in everday life. Ask any of my primary friends, they've at least been lied to once (or a million times) about ridiculously, fantastical places and "powers". Haha, and they're so gullible, I almost feel sorry for them. Oh and ask my younger sibling, I once told him that my nails were so long that when I cut them off I could use them as a slippery slide and he believed me (I'm so evil, taking advantage of people's innocent, and blind, trust in me).
In fact he felt it was such an amazing FACT that he told one of his friends who laughed themselves silly and he didn't understand why at the time until 3 years later. *chuckles* So cute. Though ask any of my newer friends and they wouldn't know what I lied about despite the lies sounding completely crazy. Hmmm...must be the way I act.

(3) My favourite colour is red. Yes, I know it's an over popular colour but there's only so many colours in the world (okay...there's alot but they're all variations of eachother! So there's really only a handful) and it deserves to be a popular colour (biased opinions). I don't get how heaps of people say their favourites colour is black or white, they're tones my friends, TONES not colours, yes I love them too though, I once said they were my favourites colours too.

(4) That brings me to my next topic (or fact or whatever). I am an extreme hypocrite and very proud of it. I love how people spit out the word "HYPOCRITE!!!" in such an impassioned tone and make it sound like such a shameful insult, I do it too. But when I'm on the receiving end of the insult (often by my own tongue) I feel equally as proud as when I'm spitting out the word. People just don't seem to understand how advantageous and fun being a hypocrite is. *shakes head* Oh wells, at least I, being the self-appointed leader of the minority of proud hyprocites, am enjoying the status to the fullest.

(5) Ok one more fact to go. Art is my passion, that is when I've decided to get off my lazy arse, which unfortunately is not very often, once in a blue moon kinda often. (What an anti-climax!) But yes, it's a big part of my life and I prefer working with traditional material because refer back to fact #1. I have a deviantart account if you want to check up my works (or more accurately work-singular, like I said only when I get off my lazy arse):

Ok that's the story of my life.

Ok...adds come more, 'cause I feel cheated for having to type so much on the interests part and then finding out I could only type 18 characters for each.

Music: Linkin Park, Eminem, Nickelback

Movies/TV: The Prestige (seriously smart movie), Gladiator, She's the Man (there is a severe lack of comedy movies that are genuinely funny and not lame)

Books: Battle Royale, Deadly Sister Love, Artemis Fowl series (shut up, it's not for children only), mostly murder mysteries

Hobbies: Drawing, making stories up about people

And how did I become a friend of myself? This site is kinda dodgy, the other when I first entered as a member and added my friend on as a friend, it told me in these exact words and I quote, "You've only made 2 friends." Gee thanks. It would be ok if you left out the only, you don't have to bluntly state I'm a anti-social twit (despite how true that is, I live in my room as most of the lazy teens of my age should). Though, no, I'm not really offended, it's kinda amusing actually.