School Life.
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I've probably complained to a bunch of you by now, but let me complain again, 'cause I have the right to voice my absolute displeasure. >[

So, as most of you know, I'm in China, for a year, studying art. Today is the last day of my 6 day holiday, not even a bloody week, do these Chinese people ever consider the well being of the children and their sanity? Tomorrow I'm gonna go back to boarding at a high school *sob* (Me too, I thought I was finished with that place too.) and back to 8+ hours of drawing everyday. (Wish-list: A sword to slit someone's throat with.) I'm not even exaggerating when I say that, sadly. How the kids here survived all these years, I will never know. |||orz (And how I'm actually considering to stay here for another 4 years is a mystery I'm dying to solve.)

So for the last 12 days before the holidays, I went to class from 8am-11:10am, 1:30pm-4:40pm & 7pm-8:40pm, everyday, 7 days a week, with an addition of 5 sketches a day for homework. @A@ I'm positive that I read something about Rembrandt being a party animal and many great artists having very healthy sex lives. So, it is clear to me that they obviously didn't keep to this insane schedule. I have been drawing so much that I don't even know what I've been drawing anymore.

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That's just a basic summary of the wonders of school life here. Stay tuned for the next issue: Socializing and Beijing Pastimes.

PS. Ignore the grammatical mistakes, I'm starting to feel the effects of all the Chinglish around me. You'd be amazed by the number of people (everyone really), who is supposed to be studying English as a mandatory subject yet not able to piece together a single sentence correctly.

Naughty??? I'll show you...! DD<.
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Monday I gave wolf_poet a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). Last Thursday I ruled Duluth, Minnesota as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). In March I gave silkmoth101 a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). Last Saturday I bought porn for tea_towel42 (10 points). In June I turned chancake in for spitting (3 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-642 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

What?A LIFE-SAVING blood-transfusion is worth only 50 points? I'm gonna SUE!!!
And I'm gonna use that lump of coal to build a fire and burn down ALL YOUR HOUSES! DDDDDDDDDDDDD<

Entering Contests & WIP
Now that there is nothing to do except read comics (yes, comics, not manga) and watch the Animated Batman series, Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold (I will not watch Teen Titans, I went through 3 episodes and swore never again, it is lame and it has completely killed my interest in Dick Grayson [1st Robin & 2nd Batman]), I actually got to completing some artworks. (When I feel like it, ie. when the BB is down.)

So, naturally, all I've been doing is lurking around deviantArt (I was on PixIV for a while, but the language barrier got to me, google translate is not working properly for some reason, and I still haven't figured out how to post or even favourite a picture. D8<) And when you're reeeeeeeeeeeeeally bored, you sometimes develop stalkerish habits of actually readying the 34184601581634957 number of journals that people post on deviantArt, or at least you start reading the titles before deleting them. And that is how I found out about all these contests going around. Is it just me, or do they give waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time to the competitors? It really doesn't take 3 months to finish a picture, in fact, it doesn't even take a week. Giving that much time just saps up people's motivation to do the picture in the first place. :/

In any case, I decided to enter two (held by Comicvixens & kir-tat). The former 'cause I just happened to stumble across it and was intrigued by the idea of a She-Hulk. (I checked her up, she is a total babe, not something I was expecting from the cousin of The Hulk. I was expecting a female Digg, but what I got was a Megan Fox. Not that I'm complaining.) The latter, 'cause she's one of my fav artists and the prize is an artbook (speaking of, I don't even know the prize for the first one). So, I figured, why not? I need the practice. XD
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PS. The new Young Justice series is totally awesome. Only 2 episodes have come out but, day-yum. >]

Catwoman Speedpainting
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Damn, you know how long it takes to render a vid? Do. You. Know????? It took a total of 16 hours. SIX-TEEN-HOURS! Just enough time need to commit a really intricate murder with a few hours to spare. On top of that it wasn't even a really good picture.
What. A. Waste. Of. My. Time. (This is fast becoming my favourite icon/picture.)

Can be seen here: Catwoman
Full time: 1:33:46 (From start [getting the reference pictures] to finish [saving the picture])

Digital Leap: Of Superheroes
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Now that school's over there is literally nothing to do. >___>

So, I've been messing around with SAI and remember that Tomato pic that I claimed will be the cornerstone to my success? My prediction came true! :D I'm finally getting the hang of drawing digitally; using the digital palette and all that.


Pics of Difference :DCollapse )

See the difference? :D :D :D

PS. Gift Wolverine for you wolf_poet :D

Technology~ :D
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Because I'm such a slacker and I cannot concentrate even when I'm in the middle of tests that'll decide a great deal of my future, I decided to fiddle around with Sony Vegas and SAI. (Vid-making/Art-making programs respectively) :D

I can't believe I actually got around to figuring them out. :D On the day before my Art exam (yes, shame on me) I spent the whole day on Sony Vegas. I cannot put in words how frustrated I was during the process so I'll illustrate it instead:

COMICCollapse )

Ever since my recent art splurge I fell into a slump. D: So, I decided the only way to beat an Artblock was to spite it and draw a million more pictures. >D Thus this picture came to be:

Even though this picture was just one big experimentation with words covering the bottom half of the body to hide how fail it is, do NOT underestimate its importance. For this shall be the cornerstone to my digital art progression and thus success. :D

What hast I been doing instead of thy work? Let me count the ways.
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I do impeach my family so. For my obscured course doth make me prone to make mere fetches. But now I hath none! I submit to all delations of my litherness. And woe forever is me who lurks evermore in darkling.

But what is education? A warped fly-bitten maggot-pie! Who is constant to file us into mere drones, capocchias and copies of each other. To the pits with the system! I will stand for it no longer!

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*Jumps around in glee* XD I know I really shouldn't be but damn! I do not regret it, not one bit. :D NEW SEASON OF MERLIN OUT!!! XD
It's so EPIC!! But damn, I gotta say, Morgana has done a complete 180 on us, understandable of course, I mean who wouldn't change when someone they trusted just poisoned them? XD But the dragon's back! :DDDDDDDD

Cheapskate. :P
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This entry is about me being a stingy ass, so sue me. >>

But seriously, come on, with all the people wanting to buy a gift for each teach I have and chipping 10-17 dollars for every one of them... I dunno, maybe it's just 'cause I'm not in any way close to any of them (yes, that's just me justifying myself). Ok, stuff it, yes, I'm a cheap ass. It's my natural Asian instinct. So what of it. :P

Nancy vs. Horror; critical injury
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Man, I am so weak against horror, it's incredible. XD Haha.

This week I was going through Supernatural and I would watch the whole thing backwards (starting from season 5 and ending with season 1), and I would read the wiki descriptions of each and every episode before I dare start watching them. xD And I still can't get through a whole episode without skipping the scary part. Haha. Man, I fail. I know that they'll end up fine in the end, I mean, dude, wikipedia told me everything that's going to happen and I still get batshit crazy when something even the slightest bit scary comes up. Haha. Damn, I SO FAIL!!!. D< I'm ashamed of myself. Haha.

And damn, I'm addicted again... And you know for once, I actually support the main characters as simply brother without the whole Wincest thing. Haha. But it's cute.


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